6 February 2014

The Celebration Day of The Three Hierarchs School

The Celebration Day of The Three Hierarchs School
On Thursday,January 31,2014,in the Magna Aula of the Romanian Patriarchy,the festivity for the celebration day of the Three Hierarchs School took place.,The celebration was dedicated to the patron saints of the school.
The event was organized by The Three Hierarchs School in cooperation with "The Romanian Tradition "Foundation.
The festivity started with an opening speech made by professor Claudia Nicolita Lia,headmistress of the School, followed by the speech of Priest Ph.D. Vasile Gavrila.president of the Managing Council Of the Romanian Tradition Foundation.
Then, the school choir performed a short moment of religious songs,followed by a a short play acted by the pupils of the school entitled "An unusual lesson" about the Saints Three Hierarchs.
At the end of the festivity,the Blessed Priest Daniel, the Patriarch of Romania addressed a blessing word to the holy feast,congratulating the leadership,the teachers,the pupils and the members of the Romanian Tradition Foundation for their commitment to the Christian educational work an mission.
The pupils of our school exhibited their artistic works in Europa Cristiana Hall under the title "Under The Protection of the Three Hierarchs"