6 July 2014

The 15th issue of ASCOR magazine " The Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord" has come out.

The 15th issue  of ASCOR magazine
The Publishing House of The Romanian Tradition Foundation launched in March 2014 ASCOR magazine  "The Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord".
The magazine hosts a large variety of articles that approach current topics from a cultural and historical perspective, as well as a  presentation of daily events in the lives of the young people  members of ASCOR, impressions  from the camps organised at monasteries and at the Children's Shelter Home at Valea Plopului.
The magazine  was distributed as donnation to the students that attended the National Debates of ASCOR. However, it can be purchased by order at the Publishing House of the Foundation.
The magazine has 35 pages, is fully illustrated and exceptionally designed , and can be purchased for only 25 lei. The funds obtained will be used to support the activities of the members ASCOR.